Connecting Companies to Customers

Perspective is a strategic market research company. We connect organizations with their clients. We have one objective: to help create products and services which make life easier, better and richer.

Winner Marketing Research & Analytics Agency 2017 (The Netherlands)

What we do

We support organizations to innovate and excel. Together we provide the optimal customer experience. We do this in three simple and effective steps:


Discover what motivates and moves your customers. Try to make clear what can really help them. And use this to lay the foundation for innovations.


Develop solutions for your customers and keep innovating. By keen listening and co-creation with your customers.


Insure that you provide the optimal customer experience. Through choosing the best positioning, communication and contact strategy.


What don’t we do? But these are our specialties:

Proposition development

A good start is half the work. Transform a bright idea into a distinct proposition. That fits with your organization. And forms a seamless match with your customers’ needs.

Service Design

With our ‘9 steps’ we develop the optimal customer journey. Starting point is clear insight into what your customers presently experience and feel. Then we design the ideal journey.

Digital innovation

Our succinct advice: Go digital! Digitalization offers many opportunities to stand out with unique services which are also scalable. Service as an integral marketing tool.


Each project requires its own approach. We develop a specific strategy for each request. With help from one of our tools or a combination.


Direct contact between employees and customers always brings a ton of surprising and concrete outcomes. In creative sessions with employees and customers we build attractive solutions.

Interviews & groups

Of course we also use classic methods to gather insight. We speak personally with customers. Individually or in focus groups. At our own research location, in stores, at homes or in the workplace.


Some issues require a numerical, statistical foundation. We make questionnaires for both ad hoc and ongoing research. These surveys are enjoyable and challenging for respondents.

Mobile research

The smartphone gives us direct insight into the customer’s world. We are where they are. Through our CONNECT app they share photos and videos. But also short personal anecdotes.

Online community

Our CONNECT platform is used for short and long term online communities. And where necessary in combination with face-to-face sessions with community members.


Perspective works internationally. We coordinate qualitative research globally. In the Netherlands we conduct research for our foreign partners.


The Team

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Perspective Research

Can we be of service? Need a partner for brainstorming or to hash out ideas? Would you like more information about our approach? Don’t hesitate to call us at +31-20-7774071, or send us an e-mail. Of course you’re welcome to come visit!